Geography is a highly employable subject. Over 96% of our undergraduates enter work or further study and we are recognised as having amongst the best graduate prospects in the United Kingdom. As a student in Geography at the University of Bristol you will join a vibrant academic community. You will be taught by our world-leading researchers, who are working on a range of pressing global challenges. Whether you choose to specialise more in Human Geography or Physical Geography you will gain valuable transferable skills and attributes. These include:

  • In-depth subject knowledge, including an understanding of a range of challenges facing society and environment in the Twenty-First Century. Above all, you will have an appreciation of the interconnectedness of contemporary social and environmental issues.
  • The ability to think critically about these challenges from a range of perspectives across the social and physical sciences, and to think creatively about how to tackle big issues.
  • Excellent communication skills, including oral presentation and the ability to write in a variety of forms.
  • Strong analytical and research skills, including qualitative and quantitative data collection through fieldwork.
  • Specialist skills, including methods of spatial analysis (e.g. Geographic Information Systems) and advanced IT (e.g. coding).
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team.

A Geography degree from the University of Bristol will offer you entry into a wide range of sectors. There is no single trajectory or career pathway following a degree in Geography, and Geographers are valued by employers for their ability to think about challenges critically, work from a variety of perspectives and communicate effectively. Our graduates have become leaders in almost every sector, including:

  • Environmental monitoring and consultancy
  • Science and academia
  • Planning and the built environment
  • Policy and government
  • Civil society
  • Development and hazard risk reduction
  • Business
  • Banking and finance

What do Bristol Geographical Sciences graduates do?

Throughout your Geography degree at Bristol you will be encouraged to plan for your career through the Bristol PLUS employability training and award. The School of Geographical Sciences works closely with the Careers Service to organise events and training tailored to Geographers. You will have the opportunity to network with our alumni and to build a professional profile that suits your interests and strengths. You can find out more about the support we offer here.

As a leading School in an inherently global discipline, we value the richness of a diverse community of thinkers and are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space where students from all backgrounds feel represented, seen and supported. For more informaton, see the School's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

A Bristol geography degree teaches you the art of independent study... and puts you in good stead for having the confidence to argue your point as you progress through life.

Fiona Bailey (BSc Geography, 2009),
Graduate profiles

I’m very impressed by Robert, the Bristol Geography graduate we took on. We are throwing a lot of different types of work at him and he is performing very well. I think this reflects positively both on the character/ability of Robert and the content of the Bristol degree.

Dr Jon Wicks, Associate Director, Flood Risk Management, Halcrow

My degree provided me with knowledge and skills that are both directly useful in the work that I do and also more generally for working in a business environment.

Katharine, Transport Consultant

I studied Geography at BSc level, and this is directly related to my current job as it involved lots of topics that I was taught during my degree. My current employers were especially interested in my dissertation and how I organised my time and resources around this piece of research.

Maya, Engagement Officer
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