PhD opportunities

The Electrical Energy Management Group, EEMG, have PhD opportunities in driving the electric revolution and the future of transport. Our PhDs address the engineering challenges that underpin the global transition to clean technologies and electrification by using innovative low carbon transport solutions, such as electric planes with vertical take-off capability.

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What the EEMG can offer you
  • Enhanced tax-free stipends
  • Membership of the top international research networks in the field
  • Research expenses and funding for international conference attendance
  • Access to the very best equipment and facilities
  • Industry sponsorship and placements
  • Training in state-of-art technologies
  • Professional development with our Bristol Doctoral College

I have broadened my horizons in EEMG by participating in big projects and collaborating closely with other Universities and Industry

Dr Wenbo Wang

Working in the EEMG has been a great opportunity to work alongside world leading academics.

Dr Sam Walder

Undertaking a PhD is amongst the most difficult and rewarding things you will do in your career. Having a PhD provides the research training and confidence to address any technical problem thrown at you. It is not surprising many senior industry technical leaders have one. Bristol strives for the highest quality of research and provide PhDs the support and equipment needed to fulfil their potential.

Prof Phil Mellor, Head of Group
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