Visiting Fellows and Alumni

NameTitle/PositionResearch ExpertiseEmail
Prof Bill Drury Visiting Industrial Professor Royal Academy of Engineering - Visiting Professor in Innovation
Mr John Gowar                         Visiting Fellow in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Understanding the physics of optoelectronic devices and power switches
Dr Duncan Grant Visiting Fellow The management of electrical energy at all power levels by means of power electronics
Prof William Dunford    Visiting Fellow Power Electronics and Energy Management
Dr George Iordanidis Visiting Fellow
NameProject TitleSupervisor
Dr Jonathan Godbedhere Research Associate - Electric Machine Design for 'Sensorless' control  
Mo Al-Akayshee      Prof Xibo Yuan
Simbi Hatchard The Viability of Low Head Hydropower in Developing Countries under Current and Future Conditions Dr Sam Williamson
Jeremy Dalton  GaN Power Electronics  Prof Bernard Stark
Scott Nugent
  Dr David Drury
Bosen Jin   Prof Xibo Yuan
Hui Yuan Design, Modelling and Testing of Mechatronic vibration suppression devices Dr Jason Jiang
Owen Freeman Gebler
Application of condition monitoring techniques to electric conveyor systems Dr Jason Yon 
Sam Walder Mitigation of the influence of parasitics in high performance wide bandgap power converters Prof Xibo Yuan
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