Language, Literacies and Education Network (LLEN)

The Language, Literacies and Education Network (LLEN) brings together a diverse and interdisciplinary group of scholars using a range of methodological approaches and working from cognitive, social, cultural and ideological perspectives to interrogate educational challenges on a national/international scale. Of importance to this work are our civic and diverse educational partnerships that allow us to address the societal inequalities that are reproduced within educational systems.

Working on a key issue area in the School of Education, LLEN scholars consider contemporary research and global challenges from the perspective of several ideological paradigms within language, linguistics and literacy, drawing upon diverse methodological approaches (quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, ethnographic and participatory). Network members are active in a range of national and international research projects and policy related work.

At the heart of LLEN is its intellectual reach across both academic and non-academic partners, involving various academic and civic relationships that key members have established over time. Members include a balance of early career scholars/mid-career scholars, senior scholars and doctoral students who work together to support each other and engage in knowledge exchange activities. The breadth of perspectives ensures variety and dynamism in the work of the network.


Network lead

Dr Frances Giampapa 

Network members

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