Researcher Inauguration events

Celebrate the start of your research degree — and make connections across all faculties and disciplines

Just beginning your journey as a postgraduate researcher at the University of Bristol? Our Researcher Inauguration welcome events are a chance to celebrate the start of your research degree and find out about the opportunities available to you throughout your time as a PGR student. You'll also receive a complimentary University of Bristol scarf!

When is the next Researcher Inauguration?

Our next Researcher Inauguration welcome event for all newly registered postgraduate research students will take place in late 2020. All research students who have registered since 25 February 2020 will be eligible to attend.

Why does the BDC hold Researcher Inaugurations?

We think Bristol is a special place to do a research degree. It’s not just the culture of innovation, outstanding facilities and unique opportunities that will help you achieve your research ambitions — it’s also our rich and vibrant research community.

The Researcher Inauguration is a chance to meet other members of this multidisciplinary community, make connections and receive an official welcome from the University.

Previous events

You can read write-ups of our previous inauguration events held in February 2017November 2017 and October 2018.

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