Reasonable adjustments

We will make changes to the way you are taught and assessed if you will be disadvantaged at the University because of a disability. These changes are called ‘reasonable adjustments’.

What reasonable adjustments include

  • alternative exam arrangements, such as extra time, rest breaks, or using a PC;
  • teaching materials and exams in large print or an electronic format;
  • support workers, such as study assistants, readers, scribes, and sign language interpreters;
  • changes to field trips and work placements (where possible and appropriate);
  • changes to buildings, teaching venues, labs, or your accommodation (where possible and appropriate);
  • hearing loops (audio induction loops).

Contact us to discuss any requirements not on this list.

What reasonable adjustments do not include

  • We cannot make reasonable adjustments to competence standards.
  • You must achieve the same learning outcomes as other students, even if we make changes to how we teach and assess you.
  • If your degree programme leads to a professional qualification, you must achieve the standards set by your profession.
  • We cannot make reasonable adjustments in cases where there would be a health and safety risk to you or others.
  • We do not make reasonable adjustments when something unforeseen happens, such as if you are unexpectedly ill or injured. In this situation, you will need to apply for extenuating circumstances. You should also let your school know about any unexpected events that could adversely affect your coursework or exam performance. 

How we decide on reasonable adjustments

We will consider your needs on an individual basis and make recommendations with the aim that you are not disadvantaged in relation to a disability.

We make our recommendations based on:

  • evidence you provide of a disability;
  • what support has worked well for you in the past (your normal way of working);
  • your course requirements.

We include our recommendations in your Disability Support Summary (DSS). We send this to your School Disability Coordinator.

If you believe you would benefit from reasonable adjustments and you don’t have a DSS, contact us.

Coursework extensions

As part of your DSS, we may recommend that your school responds sympathetically to coursework extensions. Your school makes the final decision about any extension. They will consider if allowing an extension is in your best interests.

Follow your school’s procedures for how to request a coursework extension.

If you do not know what your school's procedures are, contact your school or your School Disability Coordinator.

Extenuating circumstances

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