Alternative Exams Arrangements (AEAs)

We can adjust your exams, so you are not disadvantaged because of a disability. The aim of our recommendations is to give you a fair chance to display your learning. These adjustments are called Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEAs).

AEAs include:

  • extra time in exams
  • using a computer or other specialist equipment
  • rest breaks
  • a smaller or less distracting exam venue
  • a reader
  • a scribe
  • an alternative form of assessment, such as a take-home paper or viva (oral exam).

This is not a complete list.

We will discuss our AEAs recommendations with you, but we may not recommend all the AEAs you feel you need. Your AEAs may not match those you had at another institution or at A-level. We make AEAs recommendations in your Disability Support Summary (DSS). We send this to your School Disability Coordinator and to the Library Support Team. We also send a record of your AEAs recommendations to Examinations.

Apply for AEAs

Use this online form to apply for Alternative Exams Arrangements (AEAs).

You only need to apply if you don't already have a Disability Support Summary (DSS). If you want to review the AEAs in your DSS please contact us.

Deadlines for getting AEAs in place

There are deadlines for getting AEAs in place. Due to COVID-19 not all of the 21/22 deadlines have been finalised by the University yet. We will update this website when the dates are confirmed.

  • For the January assessment period (10 - 21 January 2022), the deadline to apply was 11:59pm on Monday 15th November 2021.
  • For the Summer assessment period (16 May - 06 June 2022), you must have received a Disability Support Summary or complete the online AEAs form and provide evidence of a disability by 11:59pm on Thursday 10th March 2022. Your application cannot be processed unless we have evidence of a disability. If you cannot get evidence, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • The deadline for the Reassessment period will be shown here once the Exams Office have confirmed the deadline.

If you miss the deadlines, you may have to submit Extenuating Circumstances (ECs) instead. Be sure to make early contact with Disability Services if you need alternative exam arrangements.

Next AEAs deadline

For the 21/22 Summer Assesment period, the deadline to get AEAs from Disability Services is 11:59pm on Thursday 10 March 2022.

Apply for AEAs

Use the online form to apply for Alternative Exams Arrangements (AEAs) for the Summer assessment period. Apply now so that you do not miss the deadline.

You only need to apply if you don't already have a Disability Support Summary (DSS).

If you want to review the AEAs in your DSS, contact us.

How do I know if my AEAs are in place?

Contact your School Disability Coordinator to confirm that your AEAs are in place.

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