Check building access

Building access

The University includes many protected historical buildings which we may not be allowed to modify. You can check AccessAble access guides for University of Bristol buildings.

If you need more details about a specific building, including getting around inside the building, contact your School Disability Coordinator.

Accommodation access

Many University-owned residences have an AccessAble access guide.

If you are a prospective student visiting one of our residences, and your parent/friend accompanying you has a mobility difficulty, check the building in the AccessAble access guide.

If you are living in a residence and have a visitor with a mobility difficulty, your residence Student Support Advisor will be able to help you.

Reduced mobility

If you have reduced mobility, we recommend you visit the University. Look around the local area as well as the buildings your School uses. Bristol City Council has worked with AccessAble to provide access guides for many of the city's key destinations.

If you plan to visit your School, contact your School Disability Co-ordinator in advance to check the rooms or buildings you need to see are available on the day.

Disabled parking

There are limited spaces. Students and visitors may need to apply for a permit. 

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