Book a room for a non-teaching event (web room booking)

University staff can request to book a teaching room on campus for non-teaching events using the web room booking system.

Teaching and exam bookings

Bookings for teaching and exams should not be requested through web room booking. Contact the Timetabling or Exams Team

Booking a room for a non-teaching event

Great Hall and Reception room in Wills Memorial

Booking requests for either the Great Hall or Reception room in Wills Memorial up to 14 July 2024: Book using the form

Requests for bookings after 14 July must be emailed to

All bookings must be made at least a week before the room is required.

All other bookings

All other bookings for non-teaching events should be requested through web room booking.

If you have any problems accessing the Web Room Bookings site, email

For bookings from 18 July 2023 to 14 July 2024:

Sign in to Web Room Booking

For bookings from 15 July 2024 to 8 September 2024:

Sign in to Web Room Booking

  1. Sign in with your University of Bristol username (without the and password. You may need to sign in twice. 
  2. Fill in the expected size. Rooms that are smaller or significantly larger than your required capacity will not appear. 
    • Not all buildings are on the drop-down list, so this can be left blank. 
  3. Choose a date and time.
    • If you are booking for multiple days or weeks, you can Select multiple days/weeks. Choose multiple weeks by holding down Ctrl button on your keyboard. 
    • If you cannot select a date, check you are in the correct year. Dates outside of the current academic year will appear but are not available to select.
  4. Click next and select your room.
    • You may need to click show more options at the bottom of the page for the room to show in the list. 
    • If you need a room that allows catering, check the approved list first.
  5. Fill in your booking information. 
  6. Your request will be sent for review and you will receive an email either confirming, declining or asking for more information about your booking.

Check if a room has AV equipment. There are also support pages with user guides and information on reporting faults.

All event organisers are required to:

Bookings for 2024/25

Priority bookings

Priority bookings have now closed.

The room booking team will contact you if there are clashes as these will need to be resolved by you, as the team does not have the authority to choose one booking over another.

General bookings

General bookings
Booking Bookings open from
Welcome week bookings (via a MS form) May 2024: Exact date to be confirmed (form will be set to SAMs/FHSAs)
Summer 2024 until Welcome week 23 May 2024
Local Web Room Bookings 3 June 2024
Outside of term time (after Welcome week) Early July (exact date to be confirmed)

Outside of teaching hours

  • Wednesday after 1 pm
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday after 6 pm
  • Weekends
Early July (exact date to be confirmed)
Term time, within teaching hours (Week 1) 9 September 2024
Term time, within teaching hours (Week 2 onwards)  16 September 2024

View a room timetable

You can view the timetable for a specific room.

When viewing a room timetable, you may need to change the start/end time to see any bookings outside of 9 am to 6 pm.

Manage a room booking

You can see a list of all of your bookings, their status (approved, pending, declined) and cancel a room through the system.

Book a local room

Some staff may be given access to book rooms that are managed locally by their department. These bookings will not be reviewed and will be confirmed immediately.

If you want to book local and centrally managed rooms at the same time, click Include request only when searching for available rooms. If this option doesn’t appear you can still access the central room booking.

Any central rooms booked through the local link are still subject to review.


If you have any issues, contact

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