Endowment Fund Management

The University of Bristol has 376 Endowments totalling c£70m. These Endowment Funds have been established by external donations to support specified educational and research purposes. The funds have been received from generous benefactors over the years and is held in trust. The funds are invested and the income then used for specific purposes, including scholarships, prizes and research.

The Endowment Funds are held by the University on a pooled basis under the University of Bristol Acts 1960 and 1974.

In January 2017 the University of Bristol approved a new investment policy, which governs how the endowment funds are invested. This ensures that the University’s investment policy is consistent with its status as a charitable organisation and an institution working for the public good.

The University appointed Rathbone Greenbank as investment managers for the Endowment Funds in August 2017. Rathbone Greenbank Investments is a firm with a track record of managing ethical and sustainable investments.

In March 2018 the University pledged to divest completely from all investments in fossil fuel companies by Spring 2020

On this page you can find links to important documents relating to the University’s Endowment Investment Policy and investment portfolio. It will be updated quarterly for the most recent portfolio and carbon metric reports.

Endowment Investment Policy (PDF, 583kB)
The University’s current endowment investment policy

Portfolio Investment Report – as at 30th June 2021 (PDF, 145kB)
Quarterly reports showing the investments held by the Endowment Fund

Portfolio Climate Metrics Report – as at 30th June 2021 (PDF, 142kB)
This report gives details on the carbon footprint of the Endowment Fund updated quarterly.

Guidance on understanding the Climate Metrics Report (PDF, 101kB)
This report provides guidance to help users understand the metrics used in the Climate Metrics Report.

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