Annual Report and Financial Statements

The University's Annual Report and Financial Statements, published every autumn, provides an overview of the institution's performance in that financial year.

It features highlights from across the range of our activities. Also included are first-person profiles of staff and students and details of our governance structures and processes.

The publication fulfils the reporting requirements of bodies such as the Office for Students and the Charities Commission. It also presents an engaging picture of our community's achievements over the year.‌

Annual Report and Financial Statements for year ending 31 July 2023 (PDF, 6,249kB)

Previous Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Download previous Annual Reports and Financial Statements: 

Annual Reports and Reviews of the Year

In 2009, the Annual Report was renamed Review of the Year.
Download Reviews of the Year since 2009.
Download Annual Reports from 1999-2008.

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