Live Streaming with Re/Play

Automated live streaming is possible in rooms which are Re/Play equipped, where teaching is already being recorded. To understand what sessions are automatically recorded, see our Lecture Capture guidance.

Streaming will only take place if it is requested for a teaching block. Unit Directors or Heads of School (or their delegates) should request streaming for a unit. Requests should be submitted to the IT Service desk and contain the unit code, unit name, teaching block, and name of requestor. The request should be made at least 48 hours prior to the session, for the link to the stream to be available to students in time.

Once set up, the live stream will start automatically at the time specified in the central timetable data. The stream will include what is normally recorded by Re/Play (ie the audio and the projected content). In rooms with cameras, the camera image can be included in the stream by requesting it as part of the streaming request submitted to the IT Service desk.

How students view the stream in Blackboard

Live Streaming icon in BlackboardThe stream will be available to students when the session starts, by using the Re/Play link within the unit’s Blackboard pages (usually in the left-hand course menu, though this may vary depending on your school’s template). Students may need to refresh the page at the start of the session if they can’t see the live stream link. The live stream will be the first item listed in the Re/Play collection, at top left, and will have a broadcast icon instead of a screenshot.