Unit evaluation

Unit evaluation

For University policy and guidance on unit evaluation see Academic Quality and Policy Office Unit evaluation.

A number of digital tools can be used to carry out mid or end of unit evaluation. Templates containing standard University questions are available for Blackboard surveys and the TurningPoint student response system, and the Digital Education Office (DEO) fully supports these two tools. For any queries about Blackboard surveys or TurningPoint please contact the DEO.

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Blackboard Surveys

Blackboard surveys are anonymous and are completed in the relevant Blackboard course. They can be run witihin a seminar or lecture or made available for a certain period and completed in students' own time. Surveys are best completed using a laptop or desktop computer (not the Blackboard app), so if planning to use them in a face-to-face session please ensure students are advised to bring a laptop. Results can be viewed in Blackboard or exported.

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Guide to using Blackboard surveys for unit evaluation.

Blackboard templates available for download:

Mid Unit

For further information please see the AQPO webpages.

End of Unit

For the End of Unit evaluation we provide guidance on viewing statistics in Blackboard and downloading results to view them in Excel. See below for our guide and results converter Excel spreadsheet.

End of Unit viewing results guide.

End of Unit evaluation results converter spreadsheet.



TurningPoint allows students to respond to questions either by using a clicker keypad, or their mobile device. Surveys are run in a face-to-face session, and results can be seen immediately. These results can be shared with students if required, or downloaded for analysis later. TurningPoint requires a licence to run a polling session. If you are interested in acquiring a licence please contact digital-education@bristol.ac.uk

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Guide to using TurningPoint for Unit evaluation.

TurningPoint PowerPoint templates available for download:

Mid Unit

For further information please see the AQPO webpages.

End of Unit


Other available tools

There are other available tools that can be used for unit evaluation. The links provided give information on these.

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Microsoft Forms  - part of the University-supported Office 365 suite.   The "Office 365 tips" group on Yammer is a learning and support community of practice for users of Microsoft Office 365 tools, and a good place to ask questions about using Forms.

Online surveys (formerly BOS, now run by JISC). You will need an Online Surveys licence to use this. Check if your School or Department aleady has one. Contact for queries: https://www.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/contact/