MSc Periodontology

The postgraduate programme in periodontology is designed to provide practitioners with in-depth evidence-based knowledge and technical skills that can be applied in their practice whilst pursuing a postgraduate education degree.

 X-ray of lower jaw showing the depth of the front teeth in the gums

Experience the latest technological developments and surgical techniques

Students will work closely together with other postgraduate students to develop understanding, teamwork skills and confidence in treatment planning for complex cases and in building up their own case portfolio. Students will be taught by our internationally recognised academic staff and consultants as well as visiting experts in the field.

Did you know?

  • We offer access to outstanding resources through the phantom head laboratory and the Vesalius Clinical Training Unit


Mr Andy Deakin

Programme Co-Ordinator


Phone: 0117 456 0474


For Admissions queries:


Phone: 0117 3941649

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