Stat-JR eBooks via myExperiment

The myExperiment virtual research environment is now integrated with Stat-JR. In particular, myExperiment recognises Stat-JR's DEEP eBook files, and Stat-JR's DEEP eBook-reading interface in turn has a link to myExperiment. Thus, the integration of the two allows you to now easily share eBooks with colleagues.

For example, if you click on the Import link on the main page of Stat-JR's DEEP eBook-reading interface (as shown below)...

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...the Import E-Book box will open, with a new link to myExperiment. If you click on this (as shown below)...

Go to full-screen image will be taken to the myExperiment website.

In this example, a colleague has already uploaded an eBook, called 'Modelling Binary Responses', which we have just found by searching for it in the myExperiment website. We then click on this (as indicated below)...

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...opening a subsequent page where we opt to 'Read this eBook in StatJR Reader', as indicated below. The eBook will then be imported into Stat-JR's eBook reader!

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In the near future, we plan to add publicly-available eBooks to the myExperiment site. However, you can go ahead and add your own now!

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