Working Environment

Compass PhD students will be co-located with the Institute for Statistical Science in the School of Mathematics, based in the historic Fry Building. The building has been recently refurbished and is now a world class facility for mathematics research and teaching.

Compass students have access to the following facilities within Fry Building:

Collaborative workspace for Year 1 students

This is a separate working space for guided study and research with allocated desk space and computer for each student, co-located with Year 1 unit tutors’ offices. This allows students to learn to work closely together, as well as benefiting from having their unit tutors close by for extra support. 

Shared PhD Office

For Years 2 to 4 of the programme, Compass students will move to the shared PhD Office and study space, where each student will benefit from an allocated desk with PC or laptop. 

Break out room for group work or individual study

Close to the collaborative workspace there is a room that can be used for group work or quiet individual study.

Quiet study space

In the Fry Building there is large area dedicated to quiet study, where students can go as often as needed for more focused and undisturbed study or research.

Access to seminar and lecture theatres for workshops and events

Compass students have access to all workshops and seminars hosted in the School of Mathematics that are organised for PhD students.

Beautiful common room with kitchen

On the second floor of the Fry Building students have access to the large PhD and Staff Common room with kitchen. The room offers plenty of space for having lunch, hosting events and having more informal discussions and meetings. 

Facilities within the University of Bristol: 

Compass students have access to all University of Bristol libraries and study spaces by using their Ucard. 

Access to Senate House study spaces and PGR Hub - The PGR Hub in Senate House is a cross-disciplinary research collaboration space where Compass students can connect with fellow research students from across the University of Bristol. It consists of a training space, a collaborative space, as well as the Bristol Doctoral College Office.


Example of PhD desk space

Photo of empty seminar room

Picture of students using the Fry Building Common Room.

Photo of Fry Building shared student space

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