Card Services

Card Services is responsible for the production of the University Card (UCard) for staff, students and official visitors to the University.

The Card Services unit is managed by Security Services, on behalf of the University.

It is located at Royal Fort Lodge in Tyndall Avenue (opposite Senate House).


Opening times

Please note: Every effort will be made to update the information on this page with any changes.  However, If you are planning to come from a distance to collect your UCard, please contact us for advice.

The Card Services Office at Royal Fort Lodge is open from 08:00 - 16:00 Monday - Friday.

Please note our opening hours are subject to change with the current Covid-19 situation. Please check our webpage before coming to our office

For assistance outisde of these hours please email



Not used your UCard in the last 7 days? Using your UCard for the first time?

 You need to initialise your card so that that you use it. See how to do this here: Using your UCard.

The University Card (UCard)

  • The University Card (UCard) is issued to everyone who is a member, associate or visitor to the University.
  • The UCard identifies you while you are on University premises and allows you appropriate access to buildings, services and facilities.  Your entitlement to University facilities varies according to your membership status and authorisation.
  • Your UCard is also your Library card: users of the Library must comply with Library Regulations.
  • The UCard is a smart card, that is, it contains a chip which is activated upon issue in order to provide access to buildings and facilities controlled by smart card readers.  Until access control in all buildings is managed in the same way, UCards also contain a magnetic strip, on the back of the card, for use with swipe-card readers.
  • The first time you use your UCard you will need to initialise it by holding it against a card reader for 10-15 seconds, while the system checks your card details.
  • You should carry your UCard at all times when you are on the University precincts at Bristol or Langford and be prepared to show it if asked to do so by any member of the University staff. 
  • Do not give your UCard to anyone else, or allow anyone else access to buildings or facilities using your card.
  • The UCard is the property of the University of Bristol and must be handed back to the Card Services office, Faculty or department office when you leave.