Collaboration to develop network technology

BT is working with academics at the University of Bristol to develop cutting-edge research around new network technology and put this into operation in the network, to bring benefit to customers. Working with the University of Bristol has helped evolve BT’s thinking around the use of machine learning, and particularly reinforcement learning and how this can be applied to all parts of the network. 

BT was attracted to the University of Bristol, due to the Uuniversity’s reputation as a leading-edge research organisation. Arjun Parekh leads BT’s research interests in Bristol and runs the Self-Learning Networks team, part of the BT Applied Research Unit  

Arjun Parekh from BT says

There is some very interesting thinking, great enthusiasm from the researchers, and there's an interdisciplinary approach, so we're able to bring together ideas from different areas. That is important to us.’’ 

This knowledge has been embedded within BT by sharing the thinking with key thought leaders within BT’s architecture and strategy teams and with the platform teams that will deploy the technology.  


I would highly encourage any other organisation to work with Bristol University. I would say bring an open mind and be prepared to learn new things and to rethink your organisation's future.

Arjun Parekh, Senior Manager, Self-Learning Networks Research, BT
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