Innovation and Digitalisation

Our research focuses on innovation and new digital and immersive technologies, considering individual, social and political impact.

The main research topics of the Innovation and Digitalisation research group include:

  • Digital systems of knowledge production
  • Artificial Intelligence in service industries
  • Sharing economy & collaborative consumption on digital platforms
  • Emerging technologies and societal well-being
  • Responsible innovation via digitalisation
  • Digitalisation and related behavioural and societal aspects
  • Smart technologies, AI management and smart cities

Priority research

Management of Innovative Technologies and Applications

  • Forms of Artificial Intelligence
  • 3D Printing
  • Blockchain technology

Crisis Management and effective system responses

  • Environmental disasters
  • Human well-being challenges
  • Financial crises

Individual and Societal aspects of Technological Advancement

  • Privacy & e-Surveillance
  • Communities of Learning
  • Impact of Innovation & Digital processes

Research ambitions by 2030

  • Link to Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus with contemporary research projects
  • Shape interdisciplinary joint research projects with similar groups from other institutions
  • Position favourably to shape the future research agenda of the Innovation & Digitalisation thematic area
  • Reach recognition for impact outside the University of Bristol
  • Attract new promising academics/researchers to work with us in the University of Bristol Business School.

Maintain momentum of previous 5-year cycle and prepare for the next one

Contact us

Organisations or individuals interested in working with the Innovation and Digitalisation research group, please contact:

Dr Nikolaos Stylos

PGCE, PhD, MBA, MSc, PG Dipl. Eng.
Senior Lecturer in Marketing, School of Management

Current projects

  • REPHRAIN: Research centre on Privacy, Harm Reduction and Adversarial Influence online
  • EPSRC Cybersecurity Centre for Doctoral Training (Trust, Identity, Privacy at Scale)
  • Industry 4.0 applications to boost Organisational Resilience of UK and Canadian Hospitality SMEs
  • Gig Rights Project
  • Labour rights and collective politics in the gig economy
  • Optimising the allocation and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the UK
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