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Welcome to the University of Bristol Business School. The Business School is built on a strong tradition of scholarship and learning in business disciplines across Management, Accounting and Finance, dating back to 1955.

Our mission is to ensure students gain the future skills needed to thrive in a changing world. We offer a range of degree programmes, including undergraduate, honours, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research. With students from more than 50 countries, our teaching enriches the lives of many young people from around the world. The achievements of their predecessors, our distinguished alumni, illustrate our University’s significant contribution to society.

The school has a strong track record in research that impacts our world, and according to the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF), 88% of our Business and Management research is rated as “world-leading” or “internationally excellent”. 

We strive to influence policymakers and regulators as they, in turn, respond to changes in the world around us. Our research addresses globalisation processes, inequalities, digital innovations, and a recognition of environmental and social sustainability and other challenges that face individuals, communities, and organisations.

The University of Bristol Business School is based in the heart of a creative, innovative, green city known worldwide for its independent spirit. The city is also home to SETSquared, the world’s top university business incubator (UBI Global, 2019), and many multinational companies, including the Big Four accounting firms.

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A hand using a touch screen to demonstrate digital futures technologies Our research

The University of Bristol Business School has an open and dynamic research environment. Our academics undertake cutting-edge research and are influencing policy and critically addressing the challenges that face individuals, organisations, communities and economies.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

Find out how the University of Bristol Business School is establishing an inclusive environment for all our students and staff. 

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