This page lists names of the University of Bristol staff with expertise in health data science, grouped by area of research, i.e. ‘keyword’. Use the drop-down list at the top to search for colleagues with expertise in particular areas. If you wish to be added to this hub, please contact

administrative data in epidemiology

adolescent health

alcohol policies

allergic diseases


antimicrobial resistance

antiretroviral therapy

applied dynamical systems

applied medical statistics

applied statistics

bayesian inference

bayesian statistics

behavioural genetics

behavioural interventions

brain sciences

cardiac arrest


child health

clinical microbiology

clinical pharmacology

clinical trials

coherent structures

cohort data

cohort studies

complex data

computational neuroscience

computational statistics

cortical circuits

critical care

data management dietary patterns

data modelling

data visualisation

data-intensive computing

digital futures

digital humanities

digital innovation

ethical dilemmas

ethnic inequalities in health

evolutionary biology