Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) space in the School of Biological Sciences promotes teaching excellence. Teaching and learning is at the heart of what we offer our students. Find out more about the team, our education-related projects, awards and publicly available resources.

Bristol Institute of Learning and Teaching

Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching exists to support the University in providing its students with an education which is evidence-based, innovative and effective. It supports and promotes pedagogic innovation and research into all aspects of education and it hosts a number of activities and awards which promote and disseminate good practice.

SoTL can be described as a movement, a revolution, a tool or framework; we see it as a gateway to teaching excellence. Our mission is to develop a culture of educational scholars, to encourage innovation and implementation of effective practices that support excellent teaching, learning and assessment. These core principles are central to all staff that work in the department, but particularly to our SoTL team of teaching-focused lecturers.

Dr. Rose Murray, Associate Director of Teaching and Learning
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