Outreach in schools

Our teaching technical team delivers a variety of sessions for schoolchildren tailored for different year groups.

Mammalian Skulls

Children of all ages are fascinated by wildlife, and being able to handle real skulls from some of the major predator groups (lions, bears etc) helps bring their existences to life. This session is flexible and can be pitched at a simpler level for years 5/6/7 – or made to be more in-depth for older children.

Water quality of our rivers

Water quality is constantly monitored across the country using standard methods. The macro-invertebrates found in streams have been found to be very good indicators of pollution - and therefore the overall quality.

In this session students will assess samples from rivers using methods for assigning a score using an index and simple keys.

Other sessions

There may be further opportunities available to develop sessions for particular year groups depending on outreach funding and interest. In the past we have been able to offer ecology field samply and mollusc anatamy/dissection. We also run molecular whole and half-day sessions.

We are open to requests for anything we may be able to offer to support a particular topic you are covering. Please contact the Lab Manager for further details and discussion about a proposal.

For a more specialised course aimed at sixth form students please check the Access to Bristol courses offered by the University which now has a dedicated Biological Sciences stream.

Excellent educational session pitched just right for the age group. I've never seen some of these children so engrossed and inquisitive.

Primary School Teacher, Summer 2015


For more information about our facilities and activities, please contact the Lab Manager: sue.holwell@bristol.ac.uk 

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