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Emily graduated from BA History of Art in 2013. Here she talks about her own experiences of studying History of Art at Bristol, and her career since graduating.

"I was particularly drawn to Bristol because of its fantastic reputation, particularly in the working environment. Bristol is also a really creative city which feeds into my subject particularly well, with the RWA, Arnolfini and Bristol City Museum, to name a few. The department itself is small, which I really liked because the lecturers were much more approachable, and seminars were taught in very small groups which also encourages you to work harder.

"I liked how you were encouraged to do your own research from an early stage, to find what you were the most interested in. I was also attracted by the focus on visual culture as a whole. Throughout my degree, we increasingly looked at really interesting forms of culture, such as film, photography, cartoon

"It has been an incredibly rewarding experience, but certainly challenging at times. I really didn't like presentations when I started at Bristol, but slowly became much better at them as my degree progressed and something that I will take with me into my career. If I had to pick my best overall part of my experience, it would be writing my dissertation in final year. It seems like such a daunting task at the beginning of the year, but the department’s support prevented me from having any moments of panic. Being able to work on my own project and direct my own research was wonderful.

"I’ve since started working for the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London, whilst pursuing printmaking as a career part-time. My degree has certainly given me the confidence to work in the gallery environment. It has also encouraged me to develop my writing skills. I have recently written an article for Art of England magazine."

strips and posters.

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Being able to work on my own project and direct my own research was wonderful

Emily (BA History of Art, 2013)
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