Why study Anthropology and Archaeology?

Anthropology and Archaeology involve the study of humanity, society and culture, past and present, incorporating many different scientific and theoretical approaches.

Studying Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of how people behave and the complex interaction between biology and society, involving cross-cultural expertise. As such, there are many applications in the business and marketing world, with anthropology, for example, informing business-to-business communications and social networking, and how this affects commercial behaviour.

Studying Archaeology

Archaeology involves the study of past societies through their material remains and environmental context, and encompasses major questions about past cultural practices, on a local to global scale, as well as the responsible management of our shared heritage.

Skills you will develop

The skills you will develop – a wide range of analytical, practical and social skills – are easily applied to the workplace and will open up a spectrum of career paths to you.

From group work skills, verbal and written communication skills for technical and lay audiences, to IT, numeracy and data handling, archaeology and anthropology graduates are well-equipped to make significant contributions from their first day of employment. 

Your future career

Destinations include professions in media, management, law, international development, social work, advertising and marketing, medical and health professions and the civil service.

Anthropologists and archaeologists are also sought-after within the international arena, including local and national heritage organisations, governmental bodies, intergovernmental organisations and NGOs, who seek expertise about heritage and tourism, human behaviour and responses to major world challenges, such as endemic poverty, climate change and global health.

Recent graduates from the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology have gone on to work in the following sectors:

  • Health & social work
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Recruitment
  • Hospitality
  • IT
  • Education
  • Finance and insurance
  • Travel and transport
  • Media
  • Accounting & management consultancy
  • Public Sector
A student at an archaeological excavation site holding a sign "I like Digging".

The course offers a huge variety of modules and incorporates numerous disciplines. The University is a multicultural and exciting place for students to feel they are a part of the community.

Lily (Archaeology and Anthropology, 2018)

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