Research seminars in 2016-17

Anthropological Archaeology in the 21st Century - Jago Cooper

Forming new witnesses: commemorating the First World War in contemporary British society - Dr Ross Wilson

Modern Maritime Battlefield Archaeology: Case Studies from the Battle of Jutland 1916 and U-boat Campaigns - Dr Innes McCartney

Landscapes of power, memory and belief: case studies from the Canterbury Hinterland Project - Dr Lacey Wallace

Photographs, monuments and the making of public histories in Britain 1850-1950 - Dr Elizabeth Edwards

Education and rural development - Dr Tigist Grieve

Social evolution in human and other primates - Dr Kit Opie

Finding the Imagined Community of Mapungubwe in thirteenth century southern Africa - Dr Ceri Ashley

(Re-)Situating Proto-Celtic (and Proto-Celts) in time and space in light of new ancient DNA evidence - Dr John Koch

Dr Lacey Wallace
Dr Kit Opie
Dr Ross Wilson
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