Education Directors

The Faculty Education Directors are:



Postgraduate taught

Postgraduate Research Director


Dr James Freeman

Dr Damien Mooney

Dr Damien Mooney


Mr Colin Dalton (until 31 July)

Dr Irina Lazar (from 1 August)

Professor Kirsten Cater

Professor Nicholas Howden

Health Sciences

Professor Sheena Warman

Professor Astrid Linthorst

Annie Noble (Deputy)

Professor Astrid Linthorst


Life Sciences

Dr Ann Pullen 

Dr Ann Pullen (for current students)

Professor Harry Mellor (for development of new PGT programmes)

Professor Harry Mellor


Professor David Smith

Professor David Smith

Professor Carl Dettmann

Social Sciences & Law

Dr Rachel Lart (until 31 July)

Dr Clair Gammage (from 1 August)

Dr Humphrey Bourne (until 31 July)

Dr Jo Rose (from 1 August)

Professor Jutta Weldes

The Faculty Education Directors play a key role in the faculty senior teams, leading in the areas of graduate/undergraduate affairs.  They report directly to their Dean and often stand in for the Dean as required. 

Each Faculty has at least one Faculty Education Director (which may be combined with other roles) with strategic responsibility for education provision and the student learning experience in undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes within their Faculty and contributes in these areas at institutional level.

Please see the HR website for information on the process of appointing Education Directors.

The current Faculty Education Director role description (PDF, 61kB) and Faculty PGR Director role description (PDF, 114kB), last updated May 2019.