FITNET-NHS: Study Contacts

University of Bristol FITNET-NHS Trial contacts:

 photograph of Manmita Rai
Mrs Manmita Rai
Research Associate


Tel: (0117) 42 83149

Trial Manager
Senior Research Associate (Qualitative)
Chief Investigator
Treatment delivery
We are working closely with the specialist paediatric CFS/ME clinical team at the Royal United Hospital, Bath, who deliver the treatments. Please see the Bath RUH website for more information: 
 Bath Royal United Hospital logo   Bath RUH CFS/ME treatment for children
Research team:

The research team includes all the experts required to run a trial. This means we have experts in statistics, qualitative research, trial methodology and health economics. We also have paediatricians, psychologists and GPs in the team, all of whom also do research. The original team who conducted FITNET in the Netherlands are working closely with us. The trial is managed in collaboration with the Bristol Randomised Trial Unit (BRTC).


    • Professor William Hollingworth (University of Bristol), 
    • Dr David Kessler (University of Bristol), 
    • Professor John Macleod (University of Bristol), 
    • Dr Chris Metcalfe (University of Bristol), 
    • Dr Nicola Mills (University of Bristol), 
    • Professor Paul Stallard (University of Bath), 
    • Mrs Harriet Downing (University of Bristol),
    • Dr Elise Van de Putte (UMC Utrecht), 
    • Dr Sanne Nijhof (UMC Utrecht), 
    • Associate Professor Hans Knoop (AMC, Netherlands), 
    • Professor Gijs Bleijenberg (Radboud University Medical Centre), 
    • Dr Simon Price (University of Bristol).

The University of Bristol acts as Sponsor for the study. For more information please see the University of Bristol's Research Governance pages and the University Statement on Research Integrity.

Advisory groups and independent oversight: 
We also have a number of groups advising on and overseeing the trial: 
  1. The Patients Advisory Group (PAG) provides advice on all aspects of the trial. This includes advice on the information we give patients and how we collect data. They have provided considerable advice and support to FITNET-NHS.
  2. The Trial Management Group runs the trial.
  3. A Trial Steering Committee provides independent oversight of all aspects of the trial.
  4. An independent Data Safety and Monitoring Committee provides oversight of safety to participants.  
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