Cat of the month

‌‌Cat of the month - March 2019

Congratulations to our March "Cat of the Month", Freya!

Freya was selected at random from all the Bristol Cats to feature as the cat of the month, and to receive a new toy.

Her owner, Sarah, tells us: "Freya is 6 1/2 years old and is now our only girl cat, after we lost our 18 year old, Sophie, last February. Her personality is very lovable, yet feisty! Her two brothers, Bo and Swti are put in their place very often and she certainly rules the roost! She is about to go on a new fitness regime to help her lose some excess pounds; and doesn’t yet know that she will be getting a new Ferris wheel next week!!"
Thank you Sarah for telling us all about Freya, and for all of these gorgeous photos!‌‌ 




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