Cat of the month

‌Cat of the month - August 2018

Congratulations to our August "cat of the month", Ben!

Ben was selected at random from all the Bristol Cats to feature as the cat of the month, and to receive a new toy.

Ben's owner, Edward, tells us:

"Ben is an adventurous cat who likes to play with others. He was named after Sir Ben Ainsley because he was born during the London Olympics 2012. He was one of five kittens and he lives with his sister Jess, who was named after Dame Jessica Ennis. He can be very fussy especially if his water bowl isn’t topped up. In the morning he will high five us whilst we get his breakfast ready. After breakfast he’ll often come to the patio doors to be let in. He’ll then go straight to Jess’s bowl to see if she’s left any food. Ben likes to play with dangly toys and to be made a fuss of."

Thank you Edward for sending in a photo of the handsome Ben, and for telling us all about him!




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