Cat of the month

‌Cat of the month - October 2018

Congratulations to our October "Cat of the Month", Ella!

Ella was selected at random from all the Bristol Cats to feature as the cat of the month, and to receive a new toy.

Ella says: "I am Ella (short for Metallicat Silver Eleanor) I am a silver spotted tabby - lots of my cat relations have won rosettes but I like to spend my time outside catching, and eating, mice and birds (my family get cross when I catch birds). I like to sit near people, but not on them, and hate being picked up.  I have a cat flap so I can go out whenever I like but it is much better if I can get someone to open the door for me."

Thank you to Ella's owner, Sarah, for letting us know about Ella, and for sending in this adorable picture!





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