Cat of the month

‌Cat of the month - June 2018

Congratulations to our June "cat of the month", Poppy!

Poppy was chosen at random out of all of the 'Bristol Cats' to feature as our cat of the month, and to receive a new toy. Her brother Casper is also in the study.

Her owner, Jane, tells us:

"Having decided to have no more cats because losing a cherished animal is so hard to bear, a few months after losing the last one I saw a couple of ads saying how many needed good homes and I was hooked. Having intended adopting 2 youngish females, I ended up with Poppy and her brother Casper, aged about 4 months who had been abandoned. They say cats choose their owners/slaves and this is the proof!

Poppy has always been adventurous and seemingly fearless; although small she has a huge personality. Her brother is quieter and more reserved. Both are very loving and, most of the time, a joy to have around (they are hunters so there are occasional unwanted “guests”). They are both avid gardeners, that’s to say they watch me doing the donkey work sometimes helping by lying just in the spot I’m working on. Still, it’s an opportunity to have a chat and set the world to rights – Casper is very vocal. They are coming up to 6 now and those years have flown by but I’m glad to say they think they’re still kittens."

‌Thank you Jane for telling us about Poppy and Casper, and for the gorgeous photo!


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