What is involved

We are currently recruiting dairy farms within approximately one hour of Lower Langford, North Somerset (Bristol, Somerset and West Wilts), or within approximately one hour of Carmarthen, West Wales (Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Swansea). We are looking for dairy farms of all sizes and all breeds, and various production and management types.

What is involved?

Study 1
The study will take place on your farm, and will involve around 6-8 visits by a researcher over the course of 12 months. Special bins will be placed on your farm, and you will be asked to discard ALL used medicine bottles and tubes into these bins, which will be emptied every 6-12 weeks. The study will also involve monitoring how medicine records are currently used on your farm, and looking at the medicines that are bought by the farm from your veterinary surgeon for a 12-month period.

During this 12-month period, one recorded interview will also be carried out to find out what you think about the way you use and record medicines. This interview will last around one hour.
For a more detailed description of what is involved in Study 1, please see the Participant Information Sheet Study 1 (PDF, 232kB)

Study 2
We are also looking to recruit a small number of farms for a more in-depth study, called an in-depth ethnography. This study will involve the researcher regularly visiting your farm to watch how the medicines are used in order to better understand how you make decisions around medicine use and recording. The researcher will visit your farm around once a week for a 12-month period to observe and participate in routine activities at times where medicines may be used on the farm. This will be in addition to Study Part 1. Farms who participate in Study 2 will receive the same benefits as those in Study 1, as well as being provided with a small token of reimbursement for their more in-depth involvement.

For a more detailed description of what is involved in Study 2, please see the Participant Information Sheet Study 2 (PDF, 234kB)

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