Publications and poster abstracts


1. Lambton, SL, Nicol, CJ, Friel, M, Main, DCJ, McKinstry, JL, Sherwin, CM, Walton, J & Weeks, CA 2013, ‘A bespoke management package can reduce levels of injurious pecking in loose-housed laying hen flocks.’. The Veterinary Record, vol 172.


Aspects of the project have been presented at the following conferences

1. BSAS Best-practice Knowledge Transfer. 3 March, 2011, Worcester, UK. Evolving strategies and incentives for implementing knowledge on free-range poultry farms. C A Weeks et al.

2. XVth International Congress on Animal Hygiene 2011, Animal Hygiene and Sustainable Livestock Production. 3-7 July, 2011, Vienna, Austria. An integrated approach to reducing injurious pecking in laying hens may have multiple benefits. J Walton et al.

3. UFAW International Symposium Making animal welfare improvements: economic and other incentives and constraints. 28-29 June, 2011, Portsmouth, UK. Predicting the economic costs and benefits of changes aimed at reducing levels of injurious pecking on free-range layer farms. C A Weeks et al. AND Facilitating changes to reduce injurious pecking on free-range layer farms. JL McKinstry et al.

4. World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology meeting, Buenos Aires, August 2011. Faecal egg counts from free range hens in the UK. K. Stafford et al.

5. WPSA 30th Poultry Science Symposium on Alternative Systems for Poultry – Health, Welfare and Productivity. 7 - 9 September 2011, Glasgow, UK  Uptake of different types of intervention aimed at reducing injurious pecking on commercial free-range laying hen farms in the UK. C A Weeks et al.

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