Functional Neurosurgery Research Group

Part of the University of Bristol's Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, the Functional Neurosurgery Research Group is focussed on developing novel techniques of direct intracranial drug delivery and deep brain stimulation surgery.

Funded by the Medical Research Council, The Cure Parkinson's Trust and the Friends of Bristol Oncology Centre, our drug delivery research programme is based at the Avon Orthopaedic Centre at Southmead Hospital.

Our pioneering work in deep brain stimulation surgery is based at Southmead Hospital where we have developed a unique method of implanting  deep brain stimulating electrodes using high resolution MRI scans.

How to find us

Functional Neurosurgery research group
Google map and directions
Southmead Hospital site map - Learning & Research (PDF, 314kB)

Department of Neurosurgery
Southmead Hospital site map (PDF, 313kB)

Brain scan


Group heads
Professor Steven Gill and Dr Alan Whone
Learning & Research Level 1
Southmead Hospital
BS10 5BN

Project Manager / Research Associate
Dr. Ali Bienemann

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