Brain Tumour Research Centre

Part of the University of Bristol's Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, the Brain Tumour Research Centre aims to fully understand each individual's tumour according to what is driving the abnormal growth of that specific tumour. Then surgery and a range of therapies can be tailored to the individual, providing a personalised medicine approach.

Approximately 9,000 patients in the UK develop primary brain cancer, but there are many more who develop secondary cancer within the brain from different primary sites around the body (such as breast and lung).

One of the major problems with primary brain cancer is that it invades the brain widely as single cells and therefore can be difficult to completely remove by surgery.

It also can develop resistance to traditional chemotherapy and therefore tumour relapse is common.

We collaborate with a range of groups including brain tumour research charities, neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and Bristol Genetics Laboratory.

We are proud to have patient representation on our Brain Tumour Bank committee.

Our projects and collaborations include:

  • Studies into the molecular genetics and biomarkers of brain tumours
  • Abnormal pathways driving brain and spinal cord tumours
  • Neuroradiology studies using metabolite profiles with NMR to predict tumour behaviour 
  • Convection enhanced delivery to improve drug delivery to tumours among many others.

The Brain Tumour Research Centre is co-located with the Brain Tumour Bank South West (BRASH) in North Bristol Trust.

Glioblastoma tumour cells


Centre Head
Dr. Kathreena Kurian
Department of Neuropathology
Lime Walk Building, Southmead Hospital
Bristol BS10 5NB

Joanna McTiernan
Direct Dial: +44(0)117 4142406
Mobile:  07765 965959
Department:  +44 (0)117 340 4142402/3

Centre Manager
Hannah Williams

The Brain Tumour Research Centre is supported by the University's Alumni Foundation

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