SPIRAL study

This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility of a randomised controlled trial to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a group-based pain self-management course, run by Arthritis Care (now part of VersusArthritis), for patients undergoing hip replacement.

Specific objectives of the study were to assess trial design, ascertain recruitment and retention rates, identify barriers to participation, refine data collection methods, and evaluate uptake and patient satisfaction with the course.

Eighty eight (88) patients took part in the SPIRAL study. They provided information to the research team for six months after their hip replacement.

The study found that participants were satisfied with the intervention, but there were a number of barriers to participation in the trial, including views about the course and difficulties with transportation. 

Further details can be found in this publication:

Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a group-based pain self-management intervention for patients undergoing total hip replacement: feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial  Trials, 2014, 15:176 

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