Qualitative Musculoskeletal Research Group

The Qualitative Musculoskeletal Research Group, based at the University of Bristol's Musculoskeletal Research Unit at Southmead Hospital, delivers research into experiences of musculoskeletal health, service delivery and practice.

Our work includes studies connected to randomised trials such as process evaluations, studies to inform intervention and technology development, and research on patient experiences of illness, health care delivery and practice, and studies of implementation.

Methodological expertise in the Group includes interview and focus group techniques, ethnographic methods, and phenomenological approaches. Our research draws on theory and practice from health and social sciences to deliver theoretically-informed insight into individual and contextual aspects of health and healthcare.

We take pride in providing training and thoughtful supervision to graduate and postgraduate students, including PhD and MD and MSc students, through our various teaching roles, including within the short course programme at the Bristol Medical School and the MSc Orthopaedic Surgery programme.  We deliver support, training and professional development to professionals in the research community, e.g. research ethics committees.

Members of the Qualitative Musculoskeletal Research Group 

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