Atlas stands for Enhanced Recovery for Arthroplasty Patients. The Atlas study is exploring enhanced recovery pathways for joint replacement, and is led by Professor Rachael Gooberman-Hill, with Dr Sarah Drew as Senior Research Associate.  

The study is supported by a grant from NIHR HS&DR and is being conducted at the University of Bristol, and Oxford University.

In our qualitative work we are conducting ethnographic research at four different hospital sites in England. Fieldwork involves:

  • Conducting job shadowing sessions and in-depth interviews with health professionals who deliver care and treatment for people having hip or knee replacement surgery
  • Spending time with and conducting in-depth interviews with people who are having hip or knee replacement surgery

The study is exploring the different ways in which the enhanced recovery pathway is used in practice across different hospital settings. We also want to understand the organisational processes that help or hinder implementation of the enhanced recovery pathway in these settings. We are using Normalization Process Theory to inform the research.

 For more information about the study, please contact Sarah Drew or Rachael Gooberman-Hill.

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