Qualitative Studies

Deep prosthetic joint infection: a qualitative study of the impact on patients and their experiences of revision surgery - Andrew J. Moore | Ashley W. Blom | Michael R. Whitehouse | Rachael Gooberman-Hill

A UK national survey of care pathways and support offered to patients receiving revision surgery for prosthetic joint infection in the highest volume NHS orthopaedic centres - Andrew J. Moore | Michael R. Whitehouse | Rachael Gooberman-Hill | Jason Heddington | Andrew D. Beswick | Ashley W. Blom | Tim J. Peters

Managing uncertainty - a qualitative study of surgeons’ decision-making for one-stage and two-stage revision surgery for prosthetic hip joint infection - Andrew J. Moore | Ashley W. Blom | Michael R. Whitehouse|  Rachael Gooberman-Hill

What are patients' preferences for revision surgery after periprosthetic joint infection? A discrete choice experiment - Fran E. Carroll | Rachael Gooberman-Hill | Simon Strange | Ashley W. Blom | Andrew J. Moore

Infection after knee replacement: a qualitative study of impact of periprosthetic knee infection - Charlotte M. Mallon | Rachael Gooberman-Hill | Andrew J. Moore

Surgeons are deeply affected when patients are diagnosed with prosthetic joint infection - Charlotte M. Mallon | Rachael Gooberman-Hill | Ashley W. Blom | Michael R. Whitehouse | Andrew J. Moore




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