Settling in

Registration and welcome events

During the first few weeks of term, a range of events are held to help your son/daughter settle into university life quickly. Departments hold registration and welcome events in the first week and your son/daughter will be invited to attend a welcome talk from the Dean of their faculty.

All halls of residence/student houses have JCR (Junior Common Room) committees who organise a social programme to help new students settle in.

Students' Union

The Students' Union organises Welcome Week, during which your son/daughter can join a range of University societies and find out more about community and volunteering opportunities.

Settling in

While most students settle in very quickly, we appreciate that many will find the transition to a new way of life more difficult, and the support provided by parents is important. Talking over their concerns can be reassuring; encourage them to speak to their senior resident, personal tutor or the Students' Union, who are all experienced in dealing with initial problems and worries. It might be worthwhile discussing how often you're going to catch up with each other before your son/daughter leaves; too much communication can sometimes make homesickness worse.

Some students will take to university life very quickly, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from your son/daughter as often as you initially expect; many will be enjoying their new-found independence and making new friends, or perhaps even making headway on a long reading list!

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