Preparing to leave home

There can be a lot for your son/daughter to remember to do between receiving exam results and arriving at University. We've put together the following checklist to help:

  1. UCAS confirmation and registration
    Has their place been confirmed via UCAS and have they information from the University about registration, tuition fees and accommodation?
  2. Arrival
    Does your son/daughter know when they are expected to arrive in University accommodation?
  3. Insurance
    Are their possessions insured? Check that insurance is included as standard in their accommodation contract. Further information is available on the Accommodation Office website.
  4. TV licence
    Do they need to buy a TV licence?
  5. Finance
    Have they set up a student bank account and do they know how they are going to budget the money available to them?
  6. Accessibility
    Is the University aware of any special access requirements or medical needs you son/daughter may have?
  7. Packing
    Have they made a list of what they need to take with them? The Accommodation Office have a list of facilities that are provided in University accommodation.

Buying a computer

If your son/daughter will be buying a new computer before coming to University, please read IT Services' advice for students on purchasing a computer about what type of computer to buy.

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