Keep safe

Advice and resources to help you take care of your health and safety.


Use these resources if you are curious about your alcohol intake, if your relationship with alcohol is more complicated, or if you are affected by other people's drinking.


Non-judgemental and confidential drugs support services.

  • Bristol Drugs Project
    Free and confidential service to help you with alcohol and drug problems.
  • Breaking Free Group
    Breaking Free uses behavioural science to help you overcome problem drinking, drug misuse and smoking.
  • The Mix
    Essential support for under-25s. They can help you face a wide range of challenging situations, including around mental health, alcohol and drugs.
  • The Drop (part of Bristol Drugs Project)
    Regular drop-ins throughout the year in the Richmond Building. Get advice, support and information on harm reduction and collect a free drug reagent testing kit funded by the University of Bristol. Sign up via email or send them a text/WhatsApp message on 07814 617687.

Bullying and harassment

  • Respect: Living well together
    We are a diverse community that represents different beliefs and ways of life. We must respect each another so we can live together in a safe and healthy environment.
  • Ditch the Label
    An online advice and support community for young people up to the age of 25 who have experienced bullying.
  • SARI 
    A Bristol-based casework service for victims of hate crime, helping you get the support you need. Their service is free and confidential.

Online safety

  • Protect yourself online
    Advice from the University on identity theft, creating strong passwords, how to avoid giving away your personal details online and safe online shopping.
  • Action Fraud
    The UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime where you should report fraud if you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber crime.
  • Sexual consent
    A definition of sexual consent, what the law says and a short film and quiz to improve and test your understanding of what consent is.

Sexual violence and abuse

  • Sexual Violence Liaison Officers here at the University can talk to you about your options for reporting and support for any experience of sexual violence.
  • Revenge Porn Helpline
    A UK service supporting adults (aged 18+) who are experiencing intimate image abuse, also known as revenge porn.
  • The Bridge
    NHS sexual assault referral centre offering support, advice and counselling. It doesn't matter when you were assaulted, where it happened or who did it, they will listen to your experience and help you to get the support you choose.
  • Bristol Against Violence and Abuse (BAVA)
    Provides information about different types of violence and abuse and support services that can help. There is also information on how to help others and how to raise awareness of violence and abuse.
  • The Green House
    Free counselling for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse at any point in their lives.
  • Next Link
    Domestic abuse and women's mental health support services and independent support for victims of rape and sexual abuse.
  • Respect films exploring what to do if:

Being Well, Living Well toolkit

This toolkit has practical tips and tools to help you feel settled, support friends and get help if you need it.

Follow the self-enrol link to join. If you don’t see the self-enrol link, you’re already enrolled.


Find out what workshops we offer to support you.


Our short guide will help you make a self-care plan to boost your resilience, improve self-awareness and help you deal with life's ups and downs. There is also an accessible version.

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