University ID card (UCard)

University ID card (UCard)

Your UCard is your personal University card. If you plan to be on campus during your studies you need a UCard to give you access to campus facilities.

Upload a photo for your UCard

You must upload a photo for you UCard after you have completed online registration.

Upload your photo

Collect your UCard

If you are staying in university or partner accommodation, check at your accommodation to see if they have your UCard.

If your UCard isn't ready for you at your accommodation, if you are staying in private accommodation, or are an International Foundation Programme student, you can collect your UCard from our central hub at The Hawthorns Study Space, BS8 1UQ, between 20-24 and 27-29 September, from 9 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 4pm:

  • 20 September - Health and Life Sciences students only
  • 21 September - Engineering Students only
  • 22 September - Social Sciences and Law students only
  • 23 September - Arts and Science students only
  • 24, 27, 28, 29 September - all students

After 29 September, collect your UCard from Card Services in Royal Fort Lodge (opening times).

No appointment is necessary at either location.

You will need your face mask, student number and photo identification (ID) to collect your UCard. Your ID can be your passport, national identity card or driving licence.

To make sure your card is ready, complete online registration and upload a photo at least 48 hours before collection.

UCard data use

We store data from your UCard which shows when you use your UCard to enter a University building.

We use this data so ensure support and services are available. This use of your data is part of section 10 of the Student Agreement.

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