Storing your research data securely while maintaining ongoing access can be a challenge, especially for large or sensitive datasets.

Storing and using research data

The University has many different filestores for storing your data. Sensitive or valuable research data - for instance, data of a commercial nature or containing personal information - often requires extra security measures.

The Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF), managed by the Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC) is intended for research data only and is meant for long term research data storage and access of up to 20 years.

Data analysis

Data analysis can be carried out on the High Performance Computing facility's BlueCrystal. If you are finding that it takes several days or longer to run a job on your desktop, BlueCrystal can help you by enabling you to use many processors at once.

Contact ACRC directly to find out how you can make use of BlueCrystal and the Research Data Storage Facility.

Data-intensive research

The Research Data Service works closely with the Jean Golding Institute to support research in applied data science and data-intensive research. If you need help to make better use of data through interrogation, modelling and application techniques, or have data science queries on statistics, computing or visualisation, contact the Ask JGI service at

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