Joanna Harkrader (née Wroe) BSc (Hons) Social Policy, 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying Social Policy at Bristol. The course challenged my thinking about social issues and how society responds to them. It also encouraged me to read widely around topics. At the same time, however, I really appreciated how relevant my learning was to current affairs and the world beyond academia. The staff at the School for Policy Studies were clearly passionate about their research interests and this came across well in lectures and classes.

The year in Hong Kong gave me the opportunity to experience another culture and style of education whilst still being well looked after by the host university. Hall life at the university helped me to make friends with students from all over the world. Hong Kong itself is an amazing city; although the sheer number of people concentrated into small spaces takes a while to get used to, the delicious food, efficient transport and impressive architecture more than make up for it. Finally, I have found the Hong Kong exchange programme to be highly beneficial to job and other graduate interviews; a great way of standing out from other applicants, the exchange aptly demonstrates ability to adapt to new situations and work with people from many different backgrounds. I highly recommend it.

After graduating from Bristol, I joined the Office for National Statistics (via the Civil Service Fast Stream), where I'm currently a Senior Research Officer. I currently work on migration analysis, planning and delivering research and statistics to meet user needs. While at ONS I've also worked on population, census and income statistics, as well as exploring the increased use of administrative data in producing population and demographic statistics.

Joanna Wroe
BSc Social Policy
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