Performance Squad

Support staff are committed to ensuring that each member of the Performance Squad receives the support they require to achieve their sporting and academic potential.

Applications for the Performance Squad are now open. Please visit our Scholarships page for more information and to apply.

"Being part of a program that has produced international medal winning athletes has really helped me to believe that I can do the same".
George Burton, Fencing, studying Engineering.

"The Performance Squad provides a platform through which to share experiences in the demands of combining university life with elite level sport as well as meticulous support in physical and mental preparation to ensure each athlete achieves the success they dream of".
Ellie Hillier, Lacrosse, studying Geography.

Alumni profile: Eboni Beckford-Chambers

28 year old Eboni plays goal keeper (GK) for the England Netball Team. She's also a trainee solicitor.

"I started my training contract in September and I do that on a Monday to Friday. "I fit my training around my job, so in the morning in the gym I do weights, and then afterwards I do a technical session. "Then I come into the England programme and join the girls in and around test series. "It is pretty hectic but I really enjoy the challenge."

"I'm in such a supportive firm and they really embrace it. "They both require a lot of attention to detail, a lot of drive and determination. Also lots of learning. "In law I'm learning, as I'm trying to progress and qualify, but I'm this arena as well - everyone's getting fitter, stronger, leaner and faster. "It's two environments that really challenge me."

Our partners and sponsors

Many thanks for continued support of our partners and sponsors of the Performance Squad.

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Being in the sport performance squad gives you the opportunity to carry out your chosen sport at the highest level as well as balancing your academic studies.

Vinal Patel, Table Tennis
(Third year, BSc Economics and Mathematics)

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