Working papers

The School of Sociology, Politics, and International Studies Working Paper series allows the School to share important works-in-progress and forthcoming publications written by Bristol scholars and researchers with a wide audience.

All Working Papers can be downloaded from the list below.

Note: some of the documents on this page are in PDF format. In order to view a PDF you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 


Working Paper No. 01-21
A Critical Analysis of the Impacts & Discursive Framework of Surveillance Capita (PDF, 439kB) 
By Mikey Ettlinger
Working Paper No. 02-21
The Hunt as security logic: New Reflections on the power and politics of hunting (PDF, 1,330kB)
By Dr. Elspeth Van Veeren


Working Paper No. 01-20
The Age of Immanence (PDF, 357kB)
By Frederick Harry Pitts and Jon Cruddas
Working Paper No. 02-20
Cumulative Social Science and the Question of Well-formed Research Problems (PDF, 441kB)
By Leonidas Tsilipakos


Working Paper No. 01-19
Taking the English School Forward (PDF, 229kB)
By Yongjin Zhang


Working Paper No. 01-18
A needless epistemological obstacle? (PDF, 396kB)
By Will Atkinson (University of Bristol) 

Working Paper No. 02-18
Secrecy as security composition (PDF, 1,218kB)
By Elspeth Van Veeren


Working paper No. 01-17
What Thucydides can teach us about Populism (PDF, 361kB)
By Tom Osborne (University of Bristol)

Working paper No. 02-17
Analysing the (ab)use of Language in Politics: The Case of Donald Trump (PDF, 1,350kB)
By Ana Alonso Curbelo (University of Bristol)


Working paper No. 01-16
Mere Auxiliaries to the Movement: Marx’s and Engels’s “love interest” (PDF, 355kB)
By Terrell Carver (University of Bristol)

Working paper No. 02-16
Beyond the Fragment: the Postoperaist Reception of Marx's Fragment on Machines (PDF, 643kB)
By Frederick Harry Pitts (University of Bath/Univesity of Bristol)

Working paper No. 03-16
From Soft Power and Popular Culture to Popular Culture and World Politics (PDF, 610kB)
By Christina Rowley and Jutta Weldes (University of Bristol)

Working Papers (PDF, 296kB) 2007 - 2015. 

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