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September 2014


23 September 2014, 5 pm

The Banton Lecture Theatre, 2D3, Social Science Complex, 8 Woodland Road, Bristol BS81TN.

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October 2014

To what extent are national aims of economic development and sustainability irreconcilable?

7 October 2014, 3 pm

Environmental Open Hour: Tuesday 7th October, 3pm Ground Floor Meeting Room, 1 Priory Road

Scale and Perspective in Security Studies: From the Everyday to the Planetary

15 October 2014, 1 pm

GIC Workshop Venue: Room G2, 10 Priory Road

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November 2014

What role shall environmental degradation and resource scarcity have in the creation of future conflicts?

11 November 2014, 3 pm

Tuesday 11th November, 3pm Ground Floor Meeting Room, 1 Priory Road

Global Insecurities International Conference 2014

21 November 2014, 9 am

Venue TBC

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December 2014

How relevant is Abigail Adams’ historical plea to “remember the ladies” in the contemporary international climate change regime?

9 December 2014, 3 pm

Tuesday 9th December, 3pm Ground Floor Meeting Room, 1 Priory Road

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