Advanced Rates and Survival Analysis


Professor Margaret May (course organiser), Dr Sue Ingle.


Two days


6-7 June 2016

Course fee


Course aims and objectives

By the end of the course students should be able to:

Who the course is intended for

Participants should have a knowledge of survival analyses using Poisson and Cox regression models and their implementation in Stata to at least the level achieved in the "Introduction to Rates and Survival Analysis" short course. Familiarity with Stata is a pre-requisite for this course.

Course outline

Comparison of Poisson, Cox and parametric survival models; parametric regression using the Weibull and other distributions; flexible parametric survival models and their use in prognostic modelling; relative survival models; analysis of competing risks data using cumulative incidence function and an adapted version of the Cox regression model. 

Teaching Time

The teaching time is approximately 12 hours.  

Teaching Methods

Lectures followed by computer practicals using Stata.

Recommended Reading

For those planning to attend other Departmental statistics courses we would recommend a copy of: Kirkwood BR, Sterne JAC, Essential Medical Statitsics, 2nd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Science 2003 - but it is not compulsory for this course.  

An Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata, 3rd edition. Mario Cleeves, William Gould, Roberto Gutierrez, Yulia Marchenko. Stata Press 2010

Survival Analysis and Epidemiological Tables Reference Manual. Stata Press 2011.

Flexible Parametric Survival Analysis Using Stata: Beyond the Cox Model. Patrick Royston and Paul Lambert.  Stata Press 2011

Competing Risks: a Practical Perspective. Melania Pintile. Wiley 2006.

Please bring a scientific calculator with you. 


‌How to book onto this course

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