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Travel to Russia

It’s recently been brought to our attention that any Student or Academic delivering lectures or the like in Russia can be deemed as TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE which is forbidden. A humanities lecture or textbook is not likely to be a problem for say Russia, but a complex science one (for example a lecture or text book on the maths and physics of aerodynamics and rocket propulsion or military equipment) would be an issue. It is therefore possible that simple university lectures or textbooks could trip into the definition of technical assistance so we would look to avoid any lecturing unless we had greater insight into the content/context of the lecture and could be confident it would not be construed as ‘technical assistance’.


Who can/cannot apply for University business travel and cost: See below

Covid-19: For travel insurance information related to COVID-19

Brexit: How Brexit will affect your travel insurance

HolidayI would like to take a period of holiday during my business trip.  Will the University travel insurance cover this?

Personal holiday insuranceCan the Insurance office recommend an insurer who can provide personal holiday insurance? 

Hazardous leisure activityI want to take part in a hazardous leisure activity.  Will I be covered? 

Pre-existing medical condition/pregnancyI have a pre-existing medical condition/am pregnant.  Can I travel and if so, is my condition excluded?

Summary of cover and policy wordingWhat is covered and can I see the full policy wording?

How to apply for travel insurance and make amendmentsHow do I obtain the University business travel insurance/amend details for a trip that I have already booked?

Visa lettersI am applying for a Visa and need a letter to prove that I have travel insurance.  How do I obtain this?

How to claimI need to claim, what should I do?

Who can/cannot apply for University business travel and is there a cost?


The University provides free business travel insurance for students travelling overseas on approved University trips.  To obtain free business travel insurance, please see the section: How to apply for travel insurance and make amendments


The University provides free business travel insurance for staff travelling overseas on approved University trips

This includes visiting academics from another University and Emeritus Professors who are travelling on University of Bristol approved business or volunteers assisting on an approved business basis for a University field trip.

To obtain business travel insurance, please see the section: How to apply for travel insurance and make amendments 

No, the University business travel insurance cannot be extended to cover them.  You must purchase your own insurance.

Limited cover is available to you:

Main conditions of cover

Please check that you have met the following conditions before applying for cover: