Our Brexit experts

Professor Michael Ford QC

Professor Ford has often appeared as an advocate before the Court of Justice. His advice for the Trade Unions Congress on the effect of Brexit on workers' rights was widely publicised before the referendum. He also drafted a Private Members Bill on EU-guaranteed workers' rights and continues to figure prominently in related debates.

Workers’ rights

Dr Jon Fox

Dr Fox’s research focuses on racism in relation to East European nationals living and working in the UK. Most recently he has co-ordinated a series of #BristolBrexit workshops as part of an 'Empowering Local Communities' project and is looking at how cities can address Brexit head on in ways that work best for them.

Social divisions

Dr Clair Gammage

Dr Gammage’s research has focused on the UK’s potential Brexit trade strategies. She has been actively influencing the Brexit debate through a series of blog posts and attendance at key events on the issue – particularly putting forward legal commentary on the UK’s likely approach to the negotiation of international agreements.

EU/UK/International Trade

Dr Judy Laing

Dr Laing is currently involved in a project looking at the impact of Brexit on social divisions that has engaged representatives from Bristol communities to discuss the challenges they have faced, or are facing, since the EU referendum. The team is now looking to co-produce research to identify some solutions to these problems.

Social divisions

Professor Morag McDermont

Professor McDermont has been studying the impact of Brexit on social divisions, and is forwarding ways in which Bristol researchers can help groups affected by the change. This builds on Morag’s role leading an ESRC Connected Communities programme that identifies ways in which regulatory systems can be re-designed to promote engaged decision-making in politics and policy.

Social divisions

Professor Tonia Novitz

Professor Novitz was active in pre-Brexit debates, including writing for the Oxford Human Rights Hub blog, and representing University of Bristol alongside Professor Michael Ford QC at an Old Square Chambers' event. She is also the author of an article on 'Collective Bargaining, Equality and Migration: The Journey to and From Brexit' in the Industrial Law Journal 109.

Workers’ rights

Dr Albert Sanchez-Graells

Dr Sanchez-Graells has been actively influencing the Brexit debate through a series of blog posts and legal analysis – including a research briefing for the House of Commons Library. Most recently he has provided written evidence on the impact of Brexit for UK-EU trade in an on-going enquiry of the House of Lords EU Internal Market Sub-Committee.

EU/UK/International Trade

Professor Philip Syrpis

Professor Syrpis has written widely on the process of withdrawing from the EU. He has been active in the debate around Brexit since before the referendum and since has been involved in a diverse array of Brexit-related activities. Most recently he has provided expertise to contribute to the work of the House of Commons Library.

Withdrawing from the EU

Dr Georgina Tsagas

Dr Tsagas’ research looks at the government's plans for strengthening the UK's industrial policy, and how this may take form as actively intervening in foreign takeovers to protect British industry. At present, the 2002 Enterprise Act only allows ministers to prevent mergers on the basis of financial stability, media plurality and national security.

Corporate Governance

Professor Peter Turnbull

Professor Turnbull is undertaking research to support a move towards a fairer system of pricing and competition in the European road haulage industry. This work will inform transport policy in the UK post-Brexit. Around 30% of all food consumed in the UK is currently transported by approximately 60,000 non-UK (i.e. EU) drivers at any one time.

Workers’ rights
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