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Bristol Innovations is the University of Bristol’s catalyst for innovation. We offer innovation-led businesses access to cutting-edge research, technology and talent, creating breakthrough solutions and scalable commercial opportunities that drive growth. 

Building on a proud culture of equity and inclusion, we’re working to grow the value and diversity of Bristol as a global leader for innovation - with new investment from industry and government. Here are a few of the opportunities we’re currently developing - in future telecoms, advanced materials and quantum technologies.

Stay in touch and let's work together to find solutions to the world's biggest challenges. 

Future telecoms

Telecommunications networks and connectivity underpin every aspect of our lives and the University of Bristol’s unique knowledge and skills base, labs, partners and testbeds make us ideally suited to lead on future telecoms.

Our Smart Internet Lab is one of the UK’s most renowned information and communications technology research centres. It is a focal point for investment that is powering 6G and a co-founder of the UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN), which co-ordinates 500 advanced telecoms companies and is driving the agenda for growth.

Conceptual view of the Earth from space showing a telecomms network as many golden lines
The company logo of MATcelerate ZERO

Advanced materials

From aerospace to healthcare, materials innovation is helping businesses make products lighter, stronger, smarter and more sustainable.

The National Composites Centre and the Bristol Composites Institute form a world-leading composites R&D hub, providing expert advice, training and support with over £250m invested in state-of-art automated composite manufacturing technologies.

We are also a co-founder of MATcelerate ZERO, a collaboration of universities and companies working together to accelerate the development and commercialisation of new materials to help us meet net zero emissions targets.

Quantum technologies

Quantum computing, sensors, cryptography, simulation, measurement, and imaging have the potential to revolutionise our approach to many global challenges. With a cross-disciplinary team of over 150 academics, dedicated support services and purpose-built facilities at our Quantum Technologies Innovation Centre (the UK’s first quantum technologies incubator), Bristol is a pioneer in the field.

Opening in 2026, our new Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus will provide end-to-end facility for the design, integration and commercialisation of cutting-edge quantum technologies. Bristol Innovations will provide the next-generation of quantum businesses with the expertise and facilities they need to scale through Quantum Frontier.

Two superimposed images of a man's face overlaid with the words Quantum Frontier